9. – 10. March 2021

Welcome to ExciPerience!

The new virtual event experience for pharmaceutical excipients, where exchange between everybody involved is key. To achieve this, there are new communication tools like lobby networking, network carousel and special networking rooms, which will increase the interaction amongst all participants during the event.

Moreover, you have access to 20+ high-quality speeches and a new kind of digital exhibitor booth.

What is the ExciPerience?

It is a new way of virtual event experience for pharmaceutical excipients. It combines excipients knowledge transfer with a new communication experience.





Why you should participate as a visitor?

Your participation in the ExciPerience gives you three main chances!





Why you should participate as an exhibitor and sponsor?

ExciPerience will be a completely new event experience and fully focussed on all the topics around pharmaceutical excipients. There are several possibilities for you as an exhibitor to get in contact with the participants.




What is the ExciPerience?

Exciperience is the new virtual event around every aspect of pharmaceutical excipients. By Pharma Excipients – the main digital source for information and transaction of pharmaceutical excipients for many years now. Following our mission to give pharmaceutical excipients a bigger awareness and to broaden the knowledge on excipients.

Exciperience covers all areas from basic or advanced research and formulation to manufacturing and regulatory. It will be the intersection between all the different perspectives and people in the excipient community. Exciperience gives an exceptional virtual event experience. There will be more and new possibilities for personal interaction and different presentation formats than you are used to.

See the short introduction from Philippe Tschopp

Why you should participate?

Your participation in the exciperience gives you three main chances: 


You have a lot of possibilities for interaction – with people of the pharma excipients community from all over the world


You expand and broaden your pharmaceutical excipients knowledge and get a chance to meet new suppliers and customers


You get to know innovative product solutions for various formulation challenges and new technical possibilities

Ready to see the future?

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